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Rosie's Restaurant

Donny Hall  sings  (Mary Dear)
Fred Groft   sings (King Of Western Swing)
Maria Rose  sings   (Blue Kentucky Girl)
Austain    Sings   (Hay Good Lookin)
Danny Elswick   sings    (Jam-Bo-Lie-a)
Maria Rose   sings  (La I'm Coming Home)
Donny Hall  sings (You'll My Memory No:1#)
Guest at Rosies    sings     (Storms Never Last)
Donny Wright   sings   (Nobody Answers When I Call Your Name)
Maria Rose  sings   (I Fall To Peaces) 

Clips at Plum Creek (ass living) Country Jam Band

Donny Wright   sings  (Dont Close Your Eyes)
Dale Greenholt plays   (Last Date)
Burnell Groft   plays    ( A Way To Servive)
Maria Rose   sings  ( I Fall To Peaces)
Fred Groft   sings    (Cowboy Songs)
Stan (Chillie Bear)Sauble  sings  (Silver Wings)
Danny Elswick  sings ( La  Saturday Night)
Mike Berns   sings   (Together Again)

Gordie Sauble Steel Guitar Show at Jefferson Fire Co.

Curry Coster  plays   (Steel Instrumental)
Ron Eyler   sings and plays   (Driven Nails In My Coffin)
Tommy and Mike Aldrige  play  (Storm Never Last)
Ron Eyler   sings and PLays   (Another Bridge To Bern)
L.T. Zinn  Pplats (Horbor Lights)
Bobby Plunkerd  sings (2nd Time Around)
Ron Eyler and Donny London  play  (Red Top)
Fred Amandola   plays  (Borrowed Angel)

My Great Grand Son 

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