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My Musican Friends

The Country Jam Band

Every Thursday night I had a jam at the Bonnueaville Pa.School.This was the band that played for anyone that wanted to get on stage to play an instrument or to sing a song or to sit a listen or dance.It was just a fun night.From left to right.Rick Zinn(bass) Blain Sanders (lead guitar)Jeff Sneeringer (rhythm guitar)Stan (Chillie Bear) Sauble (drums)Burnell Groft Steel guitar)

At The Bonnueaville Jam 2004

Thats Blain Sanders and I backing a singer.Blain picks a real nice lead guitar and get over a bass very well.Blain was also invited to play at L.T.reunion

Otis McCall's 70th Birthday Party

Left to right:Delmore Owilder,Bob Anglar,Otis McCall,Fred Groft,Burnell Groft. Otis and Bob had a band back in the early 50's,Delmore and myself (Burnell)played in the group one time or another.This was Otis 70th Birthday

At my place.A midi jam

Gordie Sauble,Burnell Groft,Ted Solesky, Every now and then(we all play steel guitar)when we can...get together and have a little jam and swop licks and stories. Ted lives in Texas now so the jams are whenever....

At a Steel Guitar Show in Knoxville Tn.

Hal used to play on staff band at the opra and alot of the special's on the Nashville Nework.I met Hal in Knoxville at the steelguitar show that Stoney did every year,this was in 1991 or 92

Burnell Groft & Speddy West

The first time I met Speedy DJ convention in the early 60's

Speedy West

This picture was taken like thirty years after the one above. Speedy had a stroke and lost the use of hands but he made it to a lot of the steel guitar shows

A Steel Guitar Show In Baltimore Md.

Herby Walace is one of the many steel players I have met.I like his touch and selections of song that he plays on the show.I have learned alot from his tabs(lessons).anyone who is starting out on the steel guitar,I would recomand his lessons

Carl Smith

This is when I played for Carl Smith at Williams Grove Park

back around 1969, I was ask by

a local band if I would play steel guitar with them to back up Carl. this picture was back stage before

show time.

Steel Guitar Players

All of these guys are my heroes. this was taken at a show around 1989. L,toR: Bud Carter,who build the Carter guitar,Al Brisco who plays a Carter guitar L.T.Zinn,seated Lloyd Green and Burnell Groft

Friends of mine from Pa.

Excuse me for not knowing the gentleman on the right,but that is Jim Deardorf on the left of me. Jim plays a nice steel.We used to jam regularly. Sence he moved to the mountains I don't get to see him much anymore.This was at the show in Baltimore Md,1994-95

A friend from Canada

Paul (Tony ) Liggio is  fromTimmins Ontario Canada. We played in the same band back in the 60's. Tony came across my address on the Steel Guitar forum after forty five years. Sure was nice to hear from him.To check out Tony and band,go to: http://www.countryversatiles.com/  



Club in Baltimore

Left to right: Fred Groft,Hank Thompson,Burnell Groft and Paul. this was at a club in Baltimore on Polaski Hwy. in 199? the pand I was playing for at the time,open for Hank

The Twlight Entertainers

The The band was called The Twlight Enterainers the year was in the middle 50's. This was my older brothers band. We played clubs, bars,carnivals. We had two radio shows we played,W.G.E.T. in Gettysburg Pa and W.H.V.R. in Hanover,Pa. each Saturday. While I was in the band we played at the Moose Club in McScherrystown Pa. for seven  years every Saturday night.

A Guitar I Built

A Guitar I built back in the 60's. It was one of three

I built. I had a friend that worked in a foundry that made

my parts,I wound my pick up. Was ok for learning.

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